The Duke


The Duke - making use of a previously unused 30m2 portion of land at the front of this original 1950's built home. This addition houses an ensuite and walk in robe for the new master bedroom (original living room) along with a new sunken living room. This transformation sees this existing two bedroom, one bathroom house transformed into the now three bedroom, two bathroom house with the addition of the spacious, bright living room with a great external connection. Internally this addition features exposed concrete steps with a built in window seat providing a direct visual connection from the living space to the existing raised alfresco deck. Highlights windows have been included to capture the norther light, while still allowing the structure to be built to the boundary making the most of the available space on site. Internally a feature painted white face brick wall has been used to create extra depth to the overall very minimal colour palette of predominately blacks and whites. 


Getting close to completion now. Driving, landscaping and a few minor finishing details until this one is wrapped up.


The start of the feature window box surround, designed to frame and therefore create a feature of the single window to this large wall form. 



The overall space is now starting to feel like a room with the addition of the windows and first coat of paint completed.


The exposed concrete steps also acting as a window seat providing a direct visual connection out the the raised Alfresco deck. Additionally these steps feature a handy book recess which will internally be lined with timber to match the built in book shelf.


The space is really starting to now take shape with the internal lining almost completed.


4.1m of external vertical wall cladding installed. 


The start of the timber framing.



The existing empty space we were left to work with with the overall objective of turning this two bedroom, one bathroom house in to a three by two. A few challenges due to the location of the space left to work with the the sheer size of the space and the overall budget, but a challenge we loved every minute of.

Janik Dalecki