The Ash


The Ash - A modern two storey family home featuring a varying range of materials both internally and externally. The external materials blend seamlessly to internal spaces creating a nature flow and blurring the line between what is inside and what is outside. A central courtyard allows natural northern light to flood though the house while highlighting the differences in finishes for varying materials used.  The southern pond opens up to the living space with full width bi-folding doors allowing not only full visual expose to this sense of relaxation, but also harvests the cooling breezes as they pass through this 'cool zone'. This is the traditional Australian 4x2 re-invented and improved for todays living. 


The staircase void in all its glory. Face brick meets raking ceiling meets highlight north facing window. 


External timber cladding installed with the skilled mitred corner detail. The simplicity in these finishing details is what creates the finished minimalistic product.


The second storey brick art wall competed meeting its finish point, the start of the raking ceiling which rakes up to a large north facing highlight window. 


Second storey of the exposed face brick wall where the pattern noticibly begins to fade away as it makes it way up.


Second storey framing underway beginning to show the overall form of the structure. 


The beautiful imperfection of the recently site poured exposed concrete wall a feature piece to the living and dining, breaking up the large masses of glass either side. 


Ground floor of the central feature brick art wall is completed. Just one small piece where these external materials have made their way into the internal spaces.


The start of the internal face brickwork featuring a repeating pattern throughout which fades up as the high of the wall increased. Overall this wall spans over three levels of the home creating a eye catching feature from all spaces of the home.


The beginning of the charcoal zinc face brickwork externally, just one of the many materials in this mixed material design that will flow seamlessly internally into the main living spaces of this home.


The exposed concrete slab receiving its burnish finish.

Janik Dalecki