The Balmoral


The Balmoral - A previous family home, which now after raising their children into adults now not only an overall upgrade, but additionally an overall layout change for the changing families needs. This previous six bedroom, one bathroom house was now out of proportion and contained the main living into a small space, which was severely disconnected from the outdoor spaces. Through the loss of two bedrooms this house has been transformed into a four bedroom, two bathroom house, but additionally has allowed for the re-jigging of internal spaced to create a luxurious sized open plan living space.  A direct seamless connection has been provided from both the living and dining to the external spaces, making the most of the once unused and lost outdoor spaces.


Demolition completed and new window sub frames are in showing the full extent of the external garden connection. 


The overall kitchen, dining and living space mid way through the demolition. Both the laundry and one of the previous six bedrooms have been removed from this space to make way for a larger living space with now direct connection to the rear garden. The laundry has been relocated in the front half of the house between the existing and new wet areas in a much more functional location for this new entertaining layout.


The existing kitchen, dining and living space with the laundry and rear bedroom still in place waiting to be demolished to make way for the larger open plan living zone.

Janik Dalecki