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Frequently asked questions

Get to know a little more about us and our Custom Home Design service. 


Q. When should I contact Dalecki Design?

A. We recommend you make contact with the team at Dalecki Design as soon as you commence your project.

The first step of the design process is working out exactly what you want and need from your project. We can help you fine-tune your brief to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve. This then gives us the best possible foundation to commence your design.

Q. What service does Dalecki Design offer?

A. We offer a tailored design service that takes you from the initial project brief through to completion. We understand that every project is unique; therefore our design service offering is tailored to meet the individual requirements of your project.

For our full service offering click here.


 Q. Is Dalecki Design a Builder?

A. No, we are not a builder. We offer a full design and documentation and interior service. We then tender out the approved design to our list of trusted builders who we work with on a daily basis. We then evaluate the options provided before presenting them to you in order to appoint a builder and subsequently begin construction.


 Q. Can I see my design in 3D?

A. Yes, you can. We use a 3D modelling package so we can present your design in 3D to help you visualise exactly what your completed project will look like.


Q. What is the process?

A. There are a number of steps in the overall process from the initial project brief up to the point of construction completion. The overall process involves developing your design, obtaining the required council approvals and producing drawings which are used to build your project.

Whilst the overall process may seem daunting, don’t let it frighten you, we and here to make sure the whole process is as easy, stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

For the full detailed process click here.


Q. How long does the process take?

A. The time line is very dependant on the size and complexity of the individual project. Smaller, simpler projects can be as quick as three to four months whereas larger, more complex projects can take anywhere from nine to twelve months. After discussing your project with you, we can advise of an approximate time frame for your particular project.


Q. What size projects and budgets does Dalecki Design work with?

A. We tackle small projects such as additions and alterations all the way up to larger scale projects such as multi storey developments. At Dalecki Design, we believe it’s about the project, the client and the overall brief fitting our overall design ethos rather than the project size and budget.


Q. How much will it all cost?

A. Our fixed fees are calculated on the overall works involved, which is dependant on both the overall size and complexity of the project, as well as the service package selected. We don’t quote based on a percentage and instead provide you with an upfront fixed fee based on your individual project brief.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project in further detail so we can provide you with our available services and fees.