What exactly is 'Broken Plan Living'? 

Broken plan living is a transitional movement between the modern open plan layout and traditional separated home layouts. It keeps all the functioning items we love about open plan living, but defines separate living spaces, giving an element of privacy and defining each zone as a separate function. The level of broken plan can be as open or separated as you like depending on your exact living needs.

The benefit of broken plan is that we can still utilise all the aspects that we not only love, but work so well in an open plan layout. These aspects include the vast amount of light able to enter deep into the home, the ability for air to move freely through the open spaces of the home and the moderate air temperature throughout all living zones. The ability to still be connected to the heart of the home through having all living areas connected is another huge positive of open plan living that can be replicated in a broken plan layout.

On top of having a functioning purpose, the use of broken plan can create exciting zones, providing more dynamic, interesting spaces with multiple layers within your home. Sometimes with open plan layouts, especially in larger homes, a very vast, empty, dull space can be created if not furnished and fit out correctly.



Janik Dalecki