Nothing says an Australian Christmas quite like the family gathered around a lunch table, prawns on the barbecue and a scorching 40 degree day- possibly with a side of backyard cricket. Whilst this is a world away from the images of snow, pine trees and eggnog that are often conjured up when you think of Christmas, this is what makes an Australian Christmas so fantastic.

For too long, Australians ignored the seasonal climactic conditions we were dealt at Christmas, instead choosing to turn our kitchens into saunas as we attempted to create the traditional Christmas roast whilst styling a ‘Winter Wonderland’ in our homes. Now, thanks to a shift towards greater indoor/outdoor connections in our home designs, Australians are embracing an ‘al-fresco’ Christmas more than ever before.

Below are some of our favourite tips for creating the ultimate Australian Christmas setting in your home.    

Keep it Simple

December is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about ‘decking the halls’ for the festive season. When choosing a colour palette for your Christmas decorating, it's best to keep it simple, choosing no more than three colours so as not to overpower your home. Whilst choosing a colour palette, it is also a great idea to stick to a theme to help pull all of your decorations together and give your home a cohesive look.

On the big day itself, follow your chosen theming through to your table setting. Be careful not to crowd your table so there is plenty of room for food to be served and for guests to carry out conversations.

A crisp white base with natural tones is a fantastic colour palette for an Australian Christmas. This is also a perfect palette to further enhance an indoor/outdoor connection, whether being used for decorations indoors or for an alfresco setting outdoors.

Bring the outdoors in with white base tones and natural features from DecorIvy

Use Native

Rather than the traditional mistletoe, or pine Christmas tree (or plastic version in true Australian fashion) why not look locally for Australian natives? Eucalyptus can make for a beautiful Christmas wreath, or even a fantastic Christmas tree alternative. Waratah’s or Proteas can also be incorporated into your decorations or table settings to achieve the traditional Christmas red and green. Native flowers are also fantastic to utilise in Christmas theming as they can withstand a hot Australian Christmas day, whether utilised indoors or outdoors. 

Australian natives utilised as Christmas Decorations from Temple & Webster

Make it Personal

With the family together at Christmas, it’s the perfect opportunity for some DIY. Not only is making your own decorations a great way to bring the family together, it also helps give your festive theming a personal touch.

Your guests will also appreciate the personal touches- handmade place settings are extremely welcoming, whilst homemade decorations create a great talking point. 

DIY plywood christmas trees from Homes to Love

Janik Dalecki